6 features of luxury automobiles that you need to know about

6 features of luxury automobiles that you need to know about

Cars have become a necessity in this day and age. If you own a car, you might have dreamt, planned, and even saved up to upgrade to a luxury car. When it comes to features, cars are getting more futuristic with each passing year. Several entry-level sedans and luxury cars provide cutting-edge features with their latest models, but these features come with a premium price tag. So, if you planning to buy a car and don’t mind stretching your budget for a luxury automobile, here are some features you should look out for:

Ventilated and heated outboard seats
A wide range of luxury automobiles offers this feature. Ventilated air seats are made of porous material that allows your body to breathe, cools it down, and reduces sweat. Some manufacturers provide multiple fans beneath the seat to provide air circulation through the seating material. Like ventilated seats, heated air seats have heating coils which can be controlled digitally to keep the passenger warm and cozy during winters.

Active suspension
Most luxury automobiles boast of some form of active suspension which can either be air suspension or a magnetic suspension system. Active suspensions use sensors to determine the severity of a bump in the road and adjust the wheel’s travel to minimize the bump’s impact on passengers. In this way, active suspensions help in improving the ride quality. Active suspensions also reduce the car’s body roll, providing more stability around the corners.

Remote start
Today, most luxury automobiles offer smart-key systems that not only let you open doors but also start the engine remotely. These systems allow you to start your car with the help of the key fob. So, your car can warm up before you even take it out of the garage or driveway.

Adaptive cruise control
It is also called radar or smart cruise control. This feature involves using a radar unit embedded in the front grille for tracking the distance to the car traveling ahead. When cruise control is turned on, it maintains a set distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. It is called adaptive because it speeds up or slows down based on the traffic moving ahead of your car.

Infotainment systems
This is one of the most luxurious features a car can have. Car manufacturers have even started to install infotainment systems in entry-level sedans. These systems not only help you navigate to your destination but are also interactive. They can help you store your favorite collection of music which you can easily access, shuffle, and play while on the road.

Panoramic roofs and power sunshades
These are larger than your average sunroofs and can be opened to let in light and some fresh air. Some luxury automobiles come with starlight roofs, which may be expensive, but are capable of replicating what the night sky looks like on a particular date. On the other hand, power sunshades cover the windshield and protect the rear seat passengers from direct light and heat of the sun, offering a comfortable ride.