Natural remedies for complete lip care

Natural remedies for complete lip care

Drying of the lips, which leads to peeling of the lip skin, is a common problem faced by many people. Not only is it annoying but the dryness of the lips can also affect your looks. There are at least a dozen reasons why your lips lose their moisture. However, the good news is that there are no problems, which nature cannot solve.

Yes, there are lip balms and other moisturizing creams available in the market. However, the miracles natural remedies can do with lip care will leave you stunned. Surely, what goes into your body has a major role to play in lip care. For example, drinking enough water and having a healthy diet has a straight effect on the health of your lips. In addition, you can always put some natural remedies to use in order to enhance the beauty of your lips. After all, unlike many chemically-treated cosmetic products, these remedies will have no side-effects on your skin.

Read on to discover more about these natural remedies for lip care.

Coconut, castor or olive oil
All these oils are considered as some of the best options for naturally moisturizing and lubricating the skin. They are loaded with fatty acids, which are essential for keeping the lips supple. These oils can also prove useful in preventing infections, especially in the cases where dryness has led to cracking of the lips.

Take few drops of pure coconut, castor, almond, or olive oil and mix with one-two drops of tea tree or grapeseed. Blend the two oils and apply. You can use this mixture two to three times a day and it is also safe to apply it at night.

Honey and petroleum jelly
While honey is loaded with antibacterial properties and is an effective healing agent, petroleum jelly can soften and nourish the skin of your lips. The mixture locks in the moisture of your lips and prevents your lips from drying.

Using your finger, apply raw honey on your lip. After this, put some petroleum jelly over it. Let the mixture stay on your lips for at least ten minutes before wiping it off with a wet tissue or a wet cloth. Applying the mixture daily for a week will get you quick results.

Rose petals and raw milk
Rose petals are a rich source of vitamin E, which makes them an effective remedy for giving the nourishment they demand. They also give the lips their shine and their natural color. Milk, on the other hand, contains lactic acid that gently exfoliates the skin of your lips and removes all the dead skin from the surface of your lips. In addition to that, the vitamins and minerals present in milk keep the lips hydrated and moisturized.

Put rose petals in raw milk for some hours. Mash the rose petals and make a paste from the mixture. Apply this paste and let it stay for at least 20 minutes. Wash it off using cold water.