The different types of foundation

The different types of foundation

A foundation is the most common and important product a woman would need in her makeup routine. It helps provide the perfect look for any occasion. A foundation is important as it is the base of any look.

Foundations are now produced to cater to the various skin types and tones.

Types of Foundation Available
There are a number of foundations available in the market. All are unique because of their features. If you are confused about which foundation you should invest in, you are not alone. Some of the types of foundation, along with its benefits, are discussed below:

This can be found in liquid form as well. Liquid foundations are the best option for people who have combination or dry skin.

Liquid foundation, when applied correctly, can transform your whole look. Since these are usually made with oil or water-based formulas, you have to shake the bottle well before you use it. This step will make it last longer. As it has a heavy coverage, it can be used to even out patchy skin.

This type of foundation is best for people who have oily skin. You can apply a primer or a light moisturizer on your skin before you apply your foundation for the best results.

Furthermore, you would need to blend the product into your skin immediately as it dries fast after its application. After just after a few minutes of its application, one can get a matte finish look.

This is usually used by people with oily skin or people who are looking for light-weight makeup. It is widely available in a small compact case and thus, it can be carried anywhere in your bag. It is specifically designed for oily skin as it is a powder-based formula.

It is widely used by people who are on the go and is perfect to use when out and about. Since it is light-weight, it gives a natural and even look.

This type of foundation is best to use if your main aim is to use a concealer to hide the skin blemishes. Its consistency is quite thick and thus, it is ideal to use if you want heavy coverage. Like powder foundation, this too is great if you are always on the go.

This is another form of foundation which can be used by people who are active. It is widely preferred because of its coverage and longevity. This is ideal for those who want their makeup to last for a long time. However, this cannot be used daily as it can clog your pores. Use can a makeup remover to cleanse your skin after you use it.

These are not all. There are many more types of foundation for various skin types. You must make a choice based on your requirements.